Vincent Parker Studio interview for Lift Studios

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sooooo last week I did a video interview with my friend Frederick Brummer for

We talked about my musical, design and artistic practice. I had a great time and I feel that the video gives a better understanding to do with my process. I must say it was great to be able to elaborate on some of my thoughts around my music and design.

There is also footage of my grumpy little cat Binky… (named after Binky Griptight of daptone records)

LiFT Studios is a premier interactive design boutique.

Formed in 2007 by the award-winning designer Haig Armen, LiFT offers clients industry-leading expertise in all forms of interactive design, content development, and delivery.

They develop brand experiences in the form of digital content, and then use new media to tell the story across multiple channels that work together. their mandate is to deliver solutions that combine innovative design with easy-to-use functionality, all built on reliable technologies.

The future of digital communication is interactivity, and the web is only one form of delivery. LiFT Studio’s team of young designers and programmers are on the leading edge of mobile content, and are helping shape how end-users interact with commercial content.

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if by chance the video isnt working, it’s on youtube now