A year has passed since the release of Hypo. Played a lot of shows. Got to know a lot of cool people. I have asked some of those people to do remixes of the album. They were all given one simple loop stem of each of my channels. They came back with such a wonderful array of different Remixes. I am stunned and overwhelmed by the talent of my friends.

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The Remixers

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Hybrid experiments and deviated routes through the rigidity of the grid. All about the .wavs.

Victoria BC

OKPK was the alias of Dan Godlovitch from 2008-2013, releasing 1 LP and 2 EPs of moody bass music on So Called, Placemachine, and Low Indigo. He is now focusing his efforts on Laggards, his duo with Olav


WNY bust out his own blissful, introverted, discretionary beats from Edmonton, Alberta. For better or worse, always changing, but always hitting the sub at your local dance off.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Adventurous music producer from Lithuania with his surreal approach to modern electronics.

Exploring darkness beyond genres and creating sonic wonders in both his productions and live performances. Devoting the majority of production time to sonic explorations - recording and sculpting the sound to discover exciting atmospheres.

Constantly reinventing the relation between emotion and sound. Acts solo, has also done multiple collabs both in his home country and the Baltic states.

Released on french Paranoiak and Baltic scene labels. Get lost in his music. But don't get lost in his twisted moustache.


Baby Blue is a gabber angel that fell from Heaven and landed in Vancouver, BC. Maintaining the sinister vibe of "Corner", Baby Blue gives it a slowed down, fucked up hardstyle treatment. The devils are laughing, the angels are crying.

Math Rosen

Math Rosen is a Canadian composer, performer, and producer.

He performs live electronic music and creates original works for audio-visual disciplines. He has composed music for the films of Illya Klymkiw and Andre Rehal (Toronto), the sonic projects of Antoine Bedard (Montreal), and the dance works of Karissa Fyrrar (Toronto), among others. His uniquely immersive sound and energetic live performances have brought him to stages across Canada, from Vancouver's Low Indigo to Montreal's Mutek and Igloofest.

In 2014, Math returned from six-months of movement through the UK and Europe. He currently lives and works in Toronto..

Jade Statues

Jade Statues (formerly The Oneiroscopist) is an electronic artist and musician currently stationed in Vancouver, BC. He aims to inspire lush thought and imagery, whilst still being attentive to the needs of the "dance floor".

This remix for Vincent Parker was created under these guidelines, while also expanding on the original's approach.


Picture a boy, a weird boy, dwelling deep in the woods of Washington State, collecting the eggs laid by the hens, making books of blinkered etchings, playing a lot of Nintendo, and falling head over heels for the preset beats and pad sounds of the keyboard his grandma gifted him. That boy was Cassidy DeMarco.

DeMarco now plays music under the alias Gouseion, for those of you itching for what it might sound like if tree-living solitude smashed into Top 40 hip hop, blasted out syrupy pop, and 80s/90s video game scores. Let the record show that it sounds a lot like an exploratory kerfuffle made up of hungry brainwaves, electric frenzy, and sweet, sweet seclusion ... you know, exactly what the making of music is supposed to sound like.

Lowe Frequency
Leeds, UK

Born and lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, Lowe Frequency has been a Dj for 14 years, forever crate digging for cutting edge styles of music. Massively influenced by deep house, trance, breaks, techno and abstract patterns/rhythms, he is now creating his own interpretation of modern music.......

Somewhere between the roots of the earth and digital mechanics with a hint of untamed chaos, Lowe Frequency's style is a mixture of broken beats, dubstep, synth and glitch with a spaced out feel, coloured with no boundaries.

Lowe Frequency is part of a music collective called Tomorrow People who are based in Leeds and put on their own events and free outdoor parties, global connections, creative collisions. His aim is to captivate the perpetual existence of forever, locked within tribal dance.

Lucy's Yeayeo

lucys yayeo -- a project of helissa mubert // synth, flute, vocals, beats

This rmx of "random rave wigout" is intended 24hr markets.

Helissa Mubert is a multi-media artist, musician and coder currently based out of Vancouver, BC.

Eli Muro

Eli Muro is a producer/DJ/visual artist based out of Vancouver BC. Drawing musical inspiration from the evolving relationship between man and the technology he creates, his recordings and live performances combine modern electronic explorations with danceable beats by combining live PA with DJ techniques and live instrumentation.

While steadily moulding his personal musical style into something unique, he was one of 20 Canadian musicians selected by the esteemed Red Bull Music Academy to participate in BassCamp Montreal in early 2014.

A part of the Chapel Sound Crew , he also heads up Jellyfish Recordings, a Vancouver based creative collective and net label focused on connecting local like minded producers across a range of styles and influences.

Some notable past performances indicating his versatility include New Forms Festival 2012, Shambhala Music Festival 2012, and in support of artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Teebs, and Robot Koch.


Known for their genre-defying mix tapes and 4-turntable performances, DJ Wood & DJ Soo have proven time and again their ability to rock just about any crowd that’s put before them. Since joining forces in 2004 they have attained a world wide cult following and shared the stage with an impressive list of international talents, including DJ Z-Trip, Bassnectar, Afrika Bambaataa, Q-Bert, DJ NuMark, Stanton Warriors, Shy FX, Zion I, South Rakkas Crew and many more. On the strength of their diverse and bass heavy 2 x 4 sets, they have played at reknowned events such as Shambhala Music Festival, RIfflandia Festival, Regrooved Canada and Bass- Coast Project.

Wood ’n’ Soo are seasoned crate diggers, raised in the age of vinyl LPs and 12" singles. The onset of the digital era has done nothing to diminish their hunger for fresh new sounds. While rocking the party remains first priority, the duo refuse to be pigeon-holed into any particular genre or style of DJing. Hip hop, Funk, Disco & Reggae form the roots of their sound, while their sets and productions branch out to include an array of styles from past to present.

With tracks chosen for release by labels such as Ghetto Funk, Tremendo and ReSoul Records, Wood’n’Soo have become mainstays of the midtempo funk genre. Their studio output is sought after by DJs and fans world wide, As they continue to churn out bootlegs and original bangers, Wood’n’Soo have their sights set on a dance floor near you!

Friendly Chemist

Friendly Chemist (real name Jean Brazeau) is a producer & DJ currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

While his live performances consist mostly of dirty analog hardware, his productions are lush, distinctively influenced by both late 20th century Techno and contemporary pop music

Victoria, BC

Olav frames a deep melodic sensibility with the rhythmic structures of modern bass music. His production shows serious knowledge of IDM and chiptunes, with some of the jitter of 2-step, but his fusion is something altogether new.

He represents the Victoria, B.C.’s Cloudsounds Collective and Wolf/Sheep Records and has opened for international artists like Flume, Gold Panda, Dan Deacon, and The Field.

His 2012 release Making Art & Being a Human EP (Cloudsounds) charted on college radio across the country. In August 2013 he released his second EP, Spirit Isht (Wolf/Sheep) on iTunes, which charted at #15 among electronic albums.

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More About Vincent Parker

Vincent Parker has his own instantly recognizable brand of music a type of live blissed out psych bass acid booty that is informed by east van bass music culture and the psychedelic roots of the Pacific Northwest...

Each performance is unique, adaptive, personal, epic and psychedelic. everything Vincent does is entirely performed and conducted live p.a

Born and raised on Vancouver Island to a French family. Vincent is a Canadian and French citizen.

Thank You
I would like to whole heartedly thank everyone who contributed.

You are all amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the album. I really hope you like it.

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