That's right everyone, you're favourite annual glowtastic mobile dance party on wheels THE BIKE RAVE is back!

There's a fair bit of info below, so we ask that you give this a few moments and exercise your literacy. Even if you've done this before, take 3 minutes and read below. We mean it. This isn't a softwares terms of use here, some of it's important.


As in previous years, there will be a custom, meticulously hand crafted five hour mix for this epic event! This mix will feature many of Vancouver's top electronic producers, and all sorts of genres and decades, so no matter what you love (or hate) we'll have you covered with one or the most ravetastic megamixes in the galaxy!

The mix is available for download from BIKERAVE.CA through our soundcloud account https://soundcloud.com/bike-rave-2014.

PLEASE, no matter how awesome you think your taste in music is, having EVERYONE playing the SAME music in sync on a bazillion separate speakers is one of the main awesome parts of this event, so save your own mixes for your own after parties, please.

STREAM IS NOW FROM THEHOUSE.FM APP! If you want to use the stream you will need the app so go get it! http://thehouse.fm/

Need sound for your ride? There are simple solutions from $15, and some pretty impressive creations. Just remember to charge those batteries.

Download the mix above and tell your friends to do it too! If you are playing this from your mp3 player you need it loaded ahead of time to hit play at the 9pm countdown. 3...2...1...PLAY


Let's do this right


Part of the fun is getting your bike decked out like a late 90’s candy kid. Let's show those alien onlookers how awesome and future we are!

Glow sticks, EL wire, bike lights and anything else shiny or blinky. Get creative! This is a great chance to show off your DIY skills and really impress that special someone, cuz nothing says "this one's a keeper" like being covered in glowy stuff.

Most dollar stores have glow sticks, and some party supply places sell them by the case. Almost every bike shop in town has cool lights, if you find somewhere particularly cool let us know!



THIS YEAR we'll be gathering at 8pm at Science World and launching at 9pm sharp. The glowing map is best viewed in Google Chrome at www.BikeRave.ca

We’ve planned a few stops along the way to do some dancing and find/loose your friends:

  • The band shell at the Plaza of Nations
  • Second Beach in Stanley Park
  • The underpass at Devonian Park
  • Ending at Crab Park If you're late, just catch up. We ride pretty slow and are not hard to find. We will officially disperse after Crab Park


    Please be considerate of whatever neighborhoods you go through after, the only complaints that have ever come up from these events were from groups rolling though unofficial areas afterwards, so please keep that in mind.

  • #Bikerave Photos
    #Bikerave Photos

    When an image is uploaded to instagram with the #bikerave you will see it here. Bike ravers around the world unite!


    We are not responsible for your safety;

    YOU ARE!

    We have done our best to ensure that the route is well lit and safe, but it does involve a little riding on the road and in the dark. We should attempt to obey all traffic laws. If we get split up, we can rejoin at one of the several stopping points along the ride, so please stop at red lights and stop signs.


    When riding on bike paths, watch out for oncoming riders and give other bike ravers room, since most of us will probably be swerving a little. Last year, some people got hurt due to being, um, a tad bit careless. While we don’t have any issues with people having a good time, do try to avoid getting so wasted that you smash into people and cause them to get hurt. If you’re riding with someone super drunk, try to encourage them to ride at the back of the pack. Overall, take care of yourself, and take care of each other. This is a rave after all, so PLUR and all all of that good stuff.


    If its nice out, we ride. If it’s iffy, we ride. If its raining a little, we ride. If it’s pouring, we don’t ride. If you aren’t sure, show up anyways. Someone will be there from 830pm til 1030pm to people know if the ride is cancelled. Fingers crossed!


    While this is a fairly organic and barely organized DIY event, there are some things that would be good to have officially covered. If you'd like to get involved you can email BikeRave2014 AT gmail Dot com

    Sponsors and volunteers have no legal liability for the well being of participants, these are just extra awesome people that are willing to help make our city extra awesome.

    Website Developement and Illustrative Design

    Drench is Art Direction, Web Development and Design duo comprizing of combined powers of Melissa Hubert and Vincent Parker.

    Vincent has done illustration for bike raves in Vancouver since 2012.