Babe Rainbow! Bartel! Vincent Parker! Souns! China Cloud December 3rd

oh my word.

Babe Rainbow


+Vincent Parker


live @ china cloud!!!

in anticipation we’ve even released a podcast!!

tickets are  on sale now at zulu and redcat!

doors @ 9pm

click on the image for the mix

Podcast track list

Bartel: Diamond Caves (Snip)
You Say Party We Say Die: Dark Days (Babe Rainbow Remix)
Pariah: C- Beams
Fulgeance: I Love You (Huess Remix)
Bartel: Snow On Black Summer Edit
Balam Acab: See Birds (Sun)
Vincent Parker: Prism Myst
Acidwolf: Mass Wrath
Raime: This Foundry / Babe Rainbow: Care
Vincent Parker: Innert (Blunt Instruments)
Bartel: Subrupt

podcast art by vincent parker

check out the podcast art in more detail here here is a little bit more about the artists

Babe Rainbow

Babe Rainbow is Cameron Reed. Hailing from the City of Glass, this laptop junkie creates a form of electronica that can be considered hauntingly dreary, postindustrial downtempo with a silver lining…
“Something strange is happening in Canada. It seems like such a nice, happy country, but the haunted, malevolent music wheezing out from its bowels suggests a different story. Take Babe Rainbow, who makes dubstep death marches, spooked songs that stumble down endless, murky corridors.”
// NME

“What we can say assuredly about Babe Rainbow’s music, specifically “Screwby,” is that it is undoubtedly a member of the Warp family. Playful and fascinated with all forms of programming—keys, bass and drums—Babe Rainbow shares most Warp group’s experimental interest in boundary bending and nose poking. The reason for “surf-step” isn’t a need to check off characteristics from a laundry list, it’s getting everything done and realizing you sashayed your way smoothly through idea after idea, not just surf or dubstep, but dub itself, math rock, video game music and more.”
//The Fader

“Vancouver’s Cameron Reed, aka Babe Rainbow, builds eerie, bump-in-the-night electronic landscapes he files under “surf-step.” The compositions are chilly and atmospheric, but maintain momentum despite the fractures: Think SALEM, Norwegian hypnotist SVARTE GREINER, a disembodied Fever Ray/Knife.”
// Stereogum

Babe Rainbow – Combed (Official) from French Horn on Vimeo.


Bartel’s music has been described as haunting, yet melodic; down-tempo, yet driving. Swelling ambient soundscapes meet with deep glitch cuts,while a dub sensibility keeps it all sounding like a distant memory. More to the the point, the Bartel aesthetic explores the intersection between ultra-modern synthesis, location recording, and experimental sound design; encouraging an approach to song writing which is both technical and cinematic. Bartel has presented their work in a live setting all over North America

Vincent Parker

synth criminal. working within the tempest. live pa psych fest. every show is a full throttle performances with hairpin turns mutilating bass and insane lazer highs.

lazer hype…north west clack clack… who knows… vincent parker brings its full force and will have the place dancing


SOUNS is an “ambient/etc.” project from Michael Red. The words “ambient/etc.” are used to describe sounds ranging from hyper-minimal tones and pure textures up to soundscapes supported by dub bass-lines and quiet rhythms. Souns takes roots in the elemental songs of water, wood, wind, fire, metal, dreamtime and the unseen world. The message is of light and evolution.

Releases on: Kikapu, Panospria, Breaking Tension Music

free souns @